Who is Whole Milk?

We are a collective of creative filmmakers and entrepreneurs offering uncompromised quality for smart budgets. We are adapting to the new digital age where video has become the universal language. We are doing this by offering a variety of services such as Branded Content, Event Coverage, Case Studies, and Internal/Mood Videos to name a few. However, we need to keep in mind that our industry is rapidly changing. The traditional way of video production and advertising is rapidly shifting so we want to stay one step ahead.

You might be asking yourself how are we going to achieve this? We have developed a new business strategy in which we simplify the video production process while maintaining our focus on the quality of the film. We are able to offer budget friendly rates, giving us the ability to work with all types of brands and businesses.

We have surrounded ourselves with industry professionals, which allow us to offer a fast and efficient service all over the globe. We are also excited to offer new services such as Digital Distribution and Web Development. The days of having to spend $2 million dollars to run a video campaign is over. We are here to help you achieve the business results you have been dreaming of.

Our work has brought many brands and business results and accolades and we are very excited to continue to work hand in hand for years to come.

How this works:

We were a part of a larger production company who began to notice a shift in the industry. It was no longer about just the big brands, every day companies and content creators needed better quality video and media to keep up with the technological society we currently live in.

We want to bring you Hollywood quality work, with a budget that you can handle.

Visit one of our Packages and fill out the questionnaire at the bottom of the page, or contact us directly through email. (If contacting through email, please make sure to include all the information labeled "required (*)"  on the questionnaire.

Our team will begin to work on the logistics of your project and get the ball rolling. We will contact you within 48 hours via E-mail or cell, and go over the estimate and plan of attack. Once all the details are agreed on, our team will get right to work on producing and executing your project.

You will be able to contact us as and be included in every step of the journey. Working together we will produce whatever media you need to take your business or hobby to the next level.